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About Us

We are experts in the field of marketing, media and communications for franchising and business sales. Whether you’re a franchisor looking to expand your network, a private business owner or a Business Broker looking to sell a business, GrowthHive provides you with a scientific, data-led, intent driven marketing plan to sell faster and in a cost-effective manner.

Quality is of the essence

By working with some of the leading franchisors, we have understood that the value for Franchisors and those selling businesses is best served by performance marketing. That is, a rigorous and measured approach to filtering leads with intent.

Data & technology is our honey

At GrowthHive, our marketing strategies are informed by data insights, inspired by creativity and empowered by automation which ensures we bring high intent buyers to your business in a cost-effective manner.

Time is costing you money

We understand that selling a franchise or business is a time consuming activity that involves appropriate selection of candidates, interview process, financing & more. By using our proven targeted marketing strategies and processes will ensure quicker sale, saving time and money.


For Franchisors, franchise recruitment has long been the key need for growth.

We treat every Franchisor uniquely & Franchisors treat us like their extended arm. Years of experience has taught us there is no ‘one size fits all’, so we consistently thrive to the changing customer behavior demands. The end result is a bespoke strategy for each one of our clients.

From target persona identification to concept ideation to marketing campaign execution to use of intelligent technology to lead qualification, we work as your Growth Partner and integral member of the team every step of your journey.

Private Business Owners

The 2021-2022 financial year saw a business exodus in Australia, with a whopping 300,000+ businesses throwing in the towel, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. With that many businesses looking for new owners, targeting and timing is everything if you want to cash in at the right price.

Our expertise in Local Area Marketing with unified messaging across multiple digital channels assures quality leads and less tyre kickers.

Our approach involves understanding ins and outs of your business and orchestrating a marketing campaign which is leveraged to find a perfect fit without breaking the bank.

Business Brokers

GrowthHive is a trusted partner for Business Brokers looking to streamline lead generation and sales. With expertise in intent marketing, we provide prospects who have shown positive engagement in the businesses you’re selling. Our team also offers qualified leads, carefully vetted through personal conversations to ensure they meet your criteria.

At GrowthHive, we value our partnership with brokers, offering regular meetings and constant support in your business sales journey. Trust us to deliver quality leads that drive sales success.

Time to switch to GrowthHive when…

Tired of speaking to tyre kickers​

We, at the GrowthHive, use the science of discovering buyer intent to allow the business owner or franchisor to have compelling conversations with real buyers. 

To do this effectively we have a two-pronged qualification method, so our clients avoid speaking to “tyre kickers.

The end result is that you are speaking to knowledgeable prospects, which means your time and money is being used more efficiently

Tried several platforms but none are wiser

About this time we use cliches like ‘ you can’t improve what you can’t measure’.

We, Growth Hivers, will go through a myriad of testing before we understand your target market. Which means that we will provide our clients insights into who is most likely to buy. This is intellectual property that will infinitely improve your business.

Tired of ‘set and forget’ sort of providers

Great marketing is intensive, you need experts to look at results on a daily basis and make sure your budget is not wasted. We are on a mission to produce quality not quantity. As co-conspirators, we will be your in house – marketing team, understanding your brand, customers and ethos. All at a cost way below hiring your own team.

One Hive for all your
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Digital and offline, inbound and outbound, conversations and conversions. All from one Hive, the Growth Hive.

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